Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

MAIT strongly believes in the overall development of the student that improves the personality of the students..  Such activities prepare the individual to face the practical challenges of life and society.  This task is accomplished through organizing cultural activities, Annual fest and also through sports meets which further emphasizes in maintaining good health.  The latest Co Curricular and Extracurricular activities organized annually are listed below

There are various Co-curricular activities that also take place in the institute that support the academic up liftment of students in various aspects. During the Annual Day awards are being given to meritorious students /rank holders at the Institute and University Level.

Which encourage the peer students to improve their performance. Tech-surge which is the part of the annual fest emphasizes on the technical creativity by the students which involve the paper presentations, robotic innovations etc.


1:    National Service Scheme (NSS):

A written test is also organized and the students are evaluated accordingly for the NSS aptitude which is also the part of GGSIPU, Curriculum. Institute organizes various activities for the students as listed below.  This is a three day event and is totally organized by the students.

2:    Student Awareness Programme:

Under students awareness programme, students have to appear for written test which make them aware of project making, symbol , aim and objectives, motto and history of NSS.


MAIT ECO  club is responsible for the  manage of  green activities in the campus , such as growing trees and medicinal plants, and cleaning-up activities such as collecting rubbish.

Students are initially invited to help with our local environmental activities and those who are interested are then selected to enrol.

Objectives of the Eco Clubs are:
To create awareness of biodiversity conservation and local environmental issues among students. To create a ‘clean and green consciousness’ among students through various innovative methods.