The National Cadet Corps at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology (MAIT) offers a vibrant, disciplined and stimulated NCC program. We comply strongly with all the AIMS of NCC and adhere closely to its MOTO ‘UNITY AND DISCIPLINE’.

NCC provides an opportunity for the holistic development with a great sense of responsibility. It offers the students a chance to confront their limits and go beyond them. This program attempts to develop leadership; build strength, character, discipline, spirit of adventure and the ideas of selfless service. It also inculcates the values of honesty, veracity, truthfulness among the cadets. It exposes cadets to a regimented way of life which is essential for inculcating various soft skills which can professionally help them in future. Here we create a force of the disciplined, acclimatized and trained person who keeps the Indian flag high.

Our cadets participate every year in Annual Training Camp(ATC), Thal Sainik Camp(TSC), Ek Bharat Sresth Bharat Camp(EBSB). Along with these many got the chance to participate in Trekking camps, Independence Day Camps and many more.

The NCC is open for all the colleges, the student have no liability for active military service. At NCC, It’s not about drill, ragda, camps, ranks or uniform, it’s about developing yourself better than yesterday.

MAIT has NCC unit for girls and boys both. Girls unit is associated with 1DGBN, Kashmiri Gate with total strength of 54 units and boys unit is associated with 6DBN, Kirti Nagar with total strength of 160 units.

Lt Vandana Chaudhary and CTO Anjali Jain are in-charge of Senior Wing (Girls Unit) and Senior Division (Boys Unit) is working under the supervision of CTO Dr K.P. Tripathi.






Letters of appreciation to Director & Dean of MAIT by Additional Director General NCC (Delhi) and Commanding Officer expressing deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciations for outstanding performance of Students of MAIT