The Institute shall endeavor to incorporate the following basic missions in the teaching methodology:


Engineering Hardware – Software Symbiosis

Practical exercises in all Engineering and Management disciplines shall be carried out by Hardware equipment as well as the related software enabling deeper understanding of basic concepts and encouraging inquisitive nature.

Life – Long Learning

The Institute strives to match technological advancements and encourage students to keep updating their knowledge for enhancing their skills and inculcating their habit of continuous learning.

Liberalization and Globalization

The Institute endeavors to enhance technical and management skills of students so that they are intellectually capable and competent professionals with Industrial Aptitude to face the challenges of globalization.


The Engineering, Technology and Management disciplines have diverse fields of studies with different attributes. The aim is to create a synergy of the above attributes by encouraging analytical thinking.   

Digitization of Learning Processes

The Institute provides seamless opportunities for innovative learning in all Engineering and Management disciplines through digitization of learning processes using analysis, synthesis, simulation, graphics, tutorials and related tools to  create a platform for multi-disciplinary approach.


The Institute strives to develop potential Engineers and Managers by enhancing their skills and research capabilities so that they become successful entrepreneurs and responsible citizens.