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Hostel Rules and Regulations (w.e.f. January 2018)


Disciplinary action shall be taken against students violating Hostel Rules and Regulations.

  1. It should be clearly understood by all residents that no tenancy shall be created by their occupation or use of hostel premises and property and that each of them is merely permitted by Management, under the rules and regulations framed by the Management which can be changed, altered, modified, varied wholly or partly and can be replaced by Management at their discretion and without assigning any reason for same. Upon such revocation the resident shall not be entitled to stay and/or enter the Hostel/Institute or any part or portion thereof. If student does not leave the premises of the Hostel/Institute, student shall be liable to be forcibly removed.
  1. Any misleading or false statement or information in the application form shall render the admission for termination and on such termination students shall not be entitled to stay and/or enter the hostel or part thereof. If student does not leave the premises of the Hostel, student shall be liable to be forcibly removed from the hostel.
  1. The management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of the student for any willful disobedience or defiance of authority, non-observance or frequent violation of hostel rules, causing damage to person/persons or property/properties or indulging in anti-national or undesirable activities. In such cases the deposit shall be forfeited and fees will NOT be refunded except the mess charges on pro-rata basis.
  1. The hostel shall be treated as an extension of the Institution and observance of rules and regulations of the Hostel shall be compulsory for all hostel residents.
  1. Change/Inter-Change of Room: A students shall not change/interchange her/his room with another student or shift into a vacant room without the previous written permission of the Hostel Warden/s. The Hostel Warden/s has the right to shift a student from her/his room to another room in the hostel at any time without assigning any reason.
  1. The hostel warden shall provide students, keys of the allotted room. Students shall NOT use other lock and key for locking their rooms. Students are responsible for their possessions of all valuables  and  they  should  be  kept  in  the  cupboard  under  lock  and Students shall not leave mobile, ornaments and other valuables unguarded. Students cannot change lock and key without the permission of the Hostel Warden/s and are advised to get duplicate keys made against loss of keys with the permission of Hostel Warden/s.
  2. The Hostel Warden/s or Higher authorities of the Institute have the discretion to inspect any room at any time.
  3. Students shall not indulge in any political or communal activity which is detrimental to the law and order and/or against the Government. Students shall not carry on any propaganda or publicity of any nature whatsoever in respect of anything or any matter including political or communal matters.
  4. During the vacation, belongings should be kept in the cupboard under lock, however, students may avail common storage facility for limited quantity (2 cartons).
  5. A minimum of one months’ notice is necessary in case a student wishes to vacate the hostel. If the student leaves the hostel room without notice, then the student is not liable to claim any kind of refund.
  6. Final year student (Passing out) will have to vacate the hostel within five days of completion of his examination or any such academic requirement whichever is later. Any extra day will be charged as per norms and for such extra days, prior permission from the Higher Authorities of the Institute is required. In case a student does not vacate his room, the belongings will be removed from the room and room will be locked by the Hostel Warden/s with no responsibility of the Management for the same.
  7. The student shall pay hostel fee along with the Institute fees before the due date. The term for the hostel fee is one academic year as per the academic calendar of the respective programme of the Institute in which the student is studying.
  8. Students residing in the hostel will be staying at their own risk, liability and consequences.
  9. Dress Code: The students should be decently dressed when they are out of rooms. The decision, as to what constitutes a decent dress remains vested with the Hostel authority.
  10. Silence: Strict silence shall be observed in hostel from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am. Care should be taken at all times to ensure that music/loud talking is NOT audible outside the room. Any manner of festivities and noise making/celebrations will not be entertained, which may cause disturbance to other inmates in the hostel premises. Recreational facilities to be turned off at 10.30 pm.
  11. No gambling of any kind shall be allowed on the premises of the hostel.
  12. No student shall bring or store any firearm, ammunition, explosive and inflammable goods in the premises of the hostel.
  13. Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking: Students shall not bring, take and/or drink any alcohol/ intoxicating drink, drug or substance of any kind what so ever and/or smoke in the room and/or any part of premises. The same shall apply to visitors also. An occurrence of such behavior shall invite strict disciplinary action leading to rustication from the Institute.
  14. If any common property is damaged or lost, the same shall be charged in equal shares to the students who are in common use of that property. Students shall not drive any pegs or nails into walls or stick posters on walls, windows and doors.
  15. Fixture: Student shall not bring any extra furniture or other fixture in the room. All furniture and fixture in the rooms allotted to students must be cared for property. Students will be required to pay double the original cost of any item found missing from their room. Students will also be required to pay twice the charges of the repair to items that found to have been willfully damaged or have been damaged on account of misuse or unfair wear and tear.
  16. (a) Interchange of Furniture/Fixture: Students are prohibited from interchanging any furniture/fixture from one point/location in the hostel to another. Besides a penal recovery, students involved in such activities will be expelled from the hostel.

   (b) Assets in Common Areas/Corridors: Theft/damage to hostel assets in common areas/corridors will be recovered from all students of the flank/wing involved. In case of theft/damage to items that pertain to usage by the complete hostel, the recoveries will be made from all the occupants of the hostel.

  1. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss of money, jewellery or personal belongings of any student. Students are advised not to keep any cash/jewellery or any costly items in the room.
  2. Ragging: Ragging in any form in BANNED. It is a cognizable offence and violation will invite action as per law of the land in addition to rustication from the Institute. Being a silent spectator and not reporting/stopping others indulging in ragging is also an offence and will invite similar disciplinary action. Accepting/undergoing ragging and not reporting to this is also an offence. Please report any incident immediately to any of the Higher Authorities/member of the Anti-Ragging Committee/Warden/Security Personnel directly at any time of the day/night.
  3. Electricity Restrictions: No electric appliances shall be permitted in the room, failing which the Hostel Warden/s will have the right to confiscate the gadget. The lights in the bathroom should be used only as and when necessary and shall not be kept on when the bathroom is not used. While leaving the room students should take care to put off the lights and fans without fail. In case of default, a fine will be charged on every such occasion. Table lamps can be used for study purpose.

  4. Attendance Register: Attendance of the students in the hostel will be taken strictly between 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm during dinner. Surprised attendance can be taken by the Hostel Warden/s at any time.

  5. Movement Register: Hostellers have to make entry in the movement register at the main gate of the Institute before leaving the Institute as well after returning back. No student is allowed to go out of the hostel after 10.30 pm. Going out of hostel after 10.30 pm will lead to strict disciplinary action.

  6. Night out Permission: Night out shall not be allowed without the substantial reason. Night out in the permissive sense is hereby abolished. The Higher Authorities of the Institute may still permit the students in exceptional circumstances for academic purpose and it should be conveyed to the Hostel Warden/s in writing at least one day before the Night out. Hostellers may be permitted to go home during holidays with written permission/telephonic call from parent, to be submitted/received to/by Hostel Warden/s. All residents shall invariably be in the hostel by 10.30 pm sharp. When taken night out the student will stay out and will report back in the hostel next day between 7.00 am to 10.30 pm. Disciplinary action shall be taken against the student who does not submit the night out form. Such repetitive acts will lead to rustication of the student. Under no circumstances, phone calls from parents/local guardian shall be entertained.

  7. In case of medical emergency student can contact the Hostel Warden/s directly. Hostel warden/s after intimating the Higher Authorities of the Institute will take necessary action depending upon the situation at that time.

  8. Celebration of Festivals and Birthdays: Student shall take prior permission of the Hostel Warden/s or of any Higher Authorities of the Institute such as Director General/Director/Dean (A) for celebrating any festivals and birthdays. Birthdays should be held in a common place for one to two hours between 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm. There should not be any kind of physical discomfort. No outside guest or interference of any kind will be allowed. Violation of the rule shall be penalized.

  9. Cleanliness: Students shall keep their room, verandah and surrounding areas tidy, neat and clean at all times and shall not throw anything including rubbish, in such places or any premises in the hostel except in the dustbin or the place specifically provided for the said purpose. No wet clothes should be dried on the furniture or in corridors/ balconies. The Warden has the right to confiscate any such clothes hung for drying in the balconies. No students shall store any cooked food in the room.

  10. Pets: Students shall not bring and/or keep any pets in the premises including fish, cats, dogs, and so on. Students should desist from pampering stray dog by offering food, petting them etc.

  11. Hostel Staff: Students shall treat the staff and housekeeping staff of the Hostel with due courtesy at all times. Service of the housekeeping staff shall NOT be utilized for private or personal work. No tips in cash or kind will be given to the staff of the Hostel.

  12. Visitors/Parents: Visitors/parents are allowed to visit a student only after visiting the Hostel Warden/s first. No student shall take any visitor including his parents to the room. Personal servants/Domestic helpers are not allowed inside the rooms. The parents should give an undertaking to cooperate with the authority and should be available on call.

  13. Mess: Student shall pay full mess fee for one year along with the Institute fees before due date. It is mandatory to eat in the mess. Student must inform their non-availability or night out to the Hostel Warden/s or Mess Supervisor well in advance.

If a student is sick, written application by the student endorsed by the Hostel Warden/s should be given to Mess Supervisor for serving food in the room.

Students are requested not to waste food. Outsiders are not allowed in the mess. Guests are not allowed in the mess without prior permission of the Hostel Warden/s. Outside food of any kind (specially non-veg. including eggs) is strictly prohibited in the Institute/hostel premises. Only vegetarian Food will be served in the mess.

Timings for Mess


8.00 am to 9.00 am


11.00 am to 1.30 pm


8.00 pm to 9.00 pm

These timings shall be strictly followed by the hostellers.

  1. Suggestion Box/Register: Suggestions and complaints should be either deposited in the ‘’Suggestion Box’’ or should be entered in the ‘’Suggestion Register’’ kept in the hostel premises. Suggestion form is also available in the Hostel.

  2. The Management has the right to discontinue Hostel accommodation given to a student on account of misconduct and/or violation of rules and regulations.

  3. Students are not allowed to visit the roof tops for any reason.


Note: Terms and Conditions and any other policies/rules and regulations applicable to the student housing in the hostel provided by the Institute may be enacted/amended from time to time.