Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

November 3, 2022





This is in continuation to Circular No. MAIT/CoC/13/2022 dated February 1, 2022. The following Student Grievance Redressal Committee is being re-constituted to resolve the Online and Offline grievance of the Students in the Institute:

 Dr. V. N. Mathur, HOD (MAE)  Convener 
 All HoDs
 Ms. Neha Sharma, (MBA)  Member
 Dr. Mukesh Batra, M.D, Psychiatris  Member
 Prof. Shikha Saxena, Psychological Counsellor  Member

 Ms. Taniya Sharma

 Enrol. No. 20214802720, CSE

 Student Representative

  Vaishnavi Agarwal

  Enrol No. 35114803922, MBA

 Student Representative

 Gokul Chawla

 Enrol. No. 00514811122, ME

 Student Representative

(Prof.  Neelam Sharma)