Report on Managing Stress in Lockdown- Some Psychological Strategies on 21st May, 2020

A live Facebook Session was conducted on 21st May, 2020 (3:00pm to 4:00 pm) by Directorate of Students’ Welfare, GGSIPU and Connect USS.  The eminent speaker, Dr. Aruna Broota, Trained Psychologist, shared her views on the topic Managing Stress in Lockdown- Some Psychological Strategies. Dr. Broota addressed the several issues related to the students, which causes stress during the lockdown period.

According to Dr. Broota stress is situation which threatens one’s adequacy or well being. Stress leads to fear and anxiety. Stress in lockdown has resulted in addiction that may be to mobiles, television or any other. Stress in the lockdown can be handled by proper time management, physical workouts, healthy diet and maintaining proper balance between the different activities.

In response to the queries raised by the viewers Dr. Broota asked the students to be self disciplined, maintain social distancing after lockdown period. For the preparation of examinations, she told that it is a good time for the students to make their own notes and utilize the time to gain knowledge from online sources. At the end, she asked the students to avoid inferiority complex and advised the parents not to overburden their child.

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Report prepared by:

Vikas Acharya

Asstt, Professor (MAE Dept)