A live session on Understanding anxiety (what it is?, what to do?) delivered by Dr. M. N. Lal Mathur, retired chief clinical psychologist, department of psychiatry, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi. The entire session was about 1hour and most of the faculty member of MAIT had taken part in this session.

The entire session covered anxiety disorder by novel corona virus and symptoms we face during this time. In which anxiety is most important parameter and different types of anxiety were discussed. He also focused the guidelines provided by the Govt. and maintains social distance in future too after lockdown will open. He also elaborates the impact of negative and positive thoughts and how a positive thought helps to prevent from anxiety.

He also discussed the 4 D formula to reduce anxiety: 1) Discipline, 2) Devotion, 3)Dedication, and 4) Determination. At last the most informative questionnaire session was held. This complete session will help all of us to prevent from corona disease in future.


Report Prepared by:
Priyank Kumar Saxena
Assistant Professor


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