Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


Date Sheet for Mid-Term Examination, November, 2023



B.Tech (CSE / IT / CST / ITE / CSE-AI / CSE-AIML / CSE-DS / CSE-CS / ECE / EE-VDT / EC-ACT / EE / EEE ICE / CE / ME / MAE / TE / Mechatronics/ AIML/AIDS)


Date & Day

Semester I

10:00 to 11:30 AM

Semester III

12:30 to 02:00 PM

Semester V

10:00 to 11:30 AM

Semester VII

12:30 to 02:00 PM

03-11-2023 Friday


New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

ES-101 Programming in 'C'

BS-103 Applied Chemistry

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

ES-201 Computational Methods (All Branches)

Data Structure

(AIDS-201, AIML-201, IOT-201)


New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

HS-301 Economics for Engg. (All Branches)

Operating System (AIDS/AIML-301)

Data Transmission Methodologies (IOT-301)

ETCE-401Economics for Engineers (CE)

ETCS-401 Information Security (CSE)

ETEC-401 Embedded Systems (ECE)

ETEE-401 Electrical Drives (EE/EEE)

ETIC-401 Digital Control System (ICE)

ETAT-401 Computer Aided Design (MAE/MET)

ETME-401 Automobile Engineers (ME)

ETTE-401 Press Tool Design-II (TE)

ETIT-401 Advance Computer Network (IT)

ETCT-401: Blockchain (CST/ITE)

04-11-2023 Saturday

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

BS-105 Applied Physics-I

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-205 Discrete Mathematics


ECC-205 Signals and Systems


ICC-205 Engineering Electromagnetics (ICE)

MEC-205 Theory of Machines


CEC-205 Structural Analysis-I


Foundation of Data Science


(AI-ML, AI-DS and IIoT

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-303 Compiler Design (CSE/IT/CST/ITE)

ECC-303 Digital Signal Processing (ECE/ICE)

EEC-303 Power Systems-II (EE/EEE)

CEC-303 Structural Analysis-II (CE)

MEC-303 Machine Design-II (ME)

MAC-303 Machine Design-I


Design and Analysis of Algorithms

(Common to AIDS-303, AIML-303, IOT-303)

ETCE-403 Irrigation Engineering (CE)

ETCS-403 Software Testing and Quality Assurance (CSE/CST)

ETIT-403 Cryptography and Networks Security (IT/ITE)

ETEC-403 Optoelectronics and Optical Communication (ECE)

ETEE-403 Advance Control System (EE/EEE)

ETIC-403 Biomedical Instrumentation (ICE)

ETME-403 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (ME/MAE)

ETMT-403 Micro Electro Mechanical System and Nano-Technology (MET)

ETTE-403 Mould Design - II (TE)

06-11-2023 Monday

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

ES-107 Electrical Science

BS-109 Environmental Studies

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

ECC-207 Digital Logic And Computer Design (CSE/CSE-CS/IT/CST/ITE/ECE)

EEC-213 Circuit & Systems (ICE)

ECC-215 Electronics-I (EEE)

CEC-207 Structural Design-I (CE)

MEC-207 Strength of Materials (MAE/ME)

Digital Logic Design

(AIDS-205, AIML-205,  IOT-205)

Common to AI-ML, AI-DS and IIoT

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-305 Operating Systems (CSE/IT/CST/ITE)

ECC-305 Microelectronics (ECE)

EEC-305 Electrical & Electronics Measuring Instruments (EE/EEE)

CIC-313 Computer Networks (ICE)

CEC-305 Structural Design-II (CE)

MEC-305 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines (ME)

MAC-311 Sensors and  Transducers (MAE)

Data Mining (AIDS-305),

Fundamentals of Deep Learning (AIML305),

Sensors and Control Systems

(IOT 305)

ETCE-405 Transportation Engineering – II (CE)

ETEC-405 Wireless Communication (CSE/IT/ECE)

ETEL-405 Electrical Machine Design (EE)

ETEE-405 EHV AC and HVDC Transmission (EEE)

ETIC-405 Artificial Neural Network  (ICE)

ETME-405 Power Plant Engineering (ME)

ETMT-405 Mechatronics System Design (MET)

ETTE-405 Computer Aided Graphics and Product Design (TE)

ETAT-403 Mechatronics (MAE)

ETCT-405: Fuzzy Logic and Applications (CST)

ETIE-401: Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Networks (ITE)

07-11-2023 Tuesday

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)


Applied Mathematics-I

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-209 Data Structures (CSE/CSE-CS/IT/CST/ITE)

ECC-209 Analog Communications (ECE)

EEC-209 Electrical Materials (EEE)

ECC-219 Analog Electronics (ICE)

MEC-209 Manufacturing Science & Technology-I (MAE/ME)

CEC-209 Fluid Mechanics (CE)

Principal of Artificial Intelligence

(AIDS-207, AIML-207, IOT-207)

Common to AI-ML, AI-DS and IIoT

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-307 Computer Networks (CSE/IT/CST/ITE)

EEC-307 Introduction to Control Systems (ECE/EE/EEE/ICE)

CEC-307 Geotechnical Engineering (CE)

MEC-307 Metrology and Instrumentation (ME)

MAC-313 Control Systems and Applications (MAE)

Computer Organization and Architecture

(Common to AIDS-307, AIML-307, IOT-307)


Elective –I (2013 Onwards)

ETCS-413 Data Mining and Business Intelligence (CSE/CST)

ETIT-413 Software Testing (IT)

ETIT-407 Cloud Computing (IT/ITE)

ETCS-425 Database Management System (ECE/ME/MAE/MET/ TE/ICE)

ETEE-409 Power Distribution System (EE/EEE)

ETME-413 Non-Conversational Manufacturing Process (ME/MET)

ETCS-410 Natural Language Processing (CSE)

ETEE-419 Renewal Energy Resources (ECE/EE/EEE/MAE/ICE)

ETCE-417 Structure Repair and Rehabilitation (CE)

ETMT-427 Operation Research (ME/TE)

ETCS-411 Introduction to Data Science (ME)

ETCS-409 Intellectual Property Right (CSE)

ETTE-415: Advanced Welding Technology (TE)

ETCE-411: Water Resource System Planning (CE)

08-11-2023 Wednesday

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

ES-119 Manufacturing Process

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-211 Object Oriented Programming using C++


ECC-211 Analog Electronics-I (ECE)

EEC-211 Electrical Machines-I (EEE)

EEC-207 Electrical Machines (ICE)

MEC-211 Thermal Engineering-I (ME)

ECC-217 Analog & Digital Electronics (MAE)

CEC-211 Geomatics Engineering (CE)

Probability, Statistics and Linear Algebra

(AIDS-209, AIML-209, IOT-209)

Common to AI-ML, AI-DS and IIoT

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-309 Software Engineering (CSE/IT/CST/ITE)

ECC-309 Transmission Lines,  Waveguides and Antenna Design (ECE)

EEC-309 Power Electronics (EE/EEE)

CEC-309 Environmental Engineering-II (CE)

MEC-309 Industrial Engineering (ME/MAE)

ICC-309  Industrial & Optical Instrumentation (ICE)

Introduction to Internet of Things

(AIDS-309, AIML-309)

Machine Learning (IOT309)

Elective –II (2013 Onwards)

ETIT-401 Advance Computer Networks (CSE)

ETCS-423 Advanced DBMS (CSE/CST)

ETIT-427 Advanced Database Administration (IT/ITE)

ETIT-419 .Net and C# Programming (IT)

ETIT-425 Grid Computing (IT/ECE)

ETMS-421 Project Management (ECE)

ETEC-419 Radar and Navigation (ECE)

ETCS-425 Database Management System (EE/EEE/CE)

ETEC-403 Optoelectronics and Optical Communication (EE/EEE)

ETIC-403 Biomedical Instrumentation (EE/EEE)

ETEL-405 Electrical Machine Design (EEE)

ETME-405  Power Plant Engineering (MAE)

ETAT-407 Advanced Manufacturing Methods (MAE)

ETIC-427 Operating System (ICE)

ETCS-429 Artificial Intelligence (ME/MET)

ETIT-423 System and Network Administration (IT)

ETEE-419 Renewal Energy Resources (ME/MET/TE)

ETTE-423 Value Engineering (TE)

ETEN-419 Planning and Design of Green Building (CE)

09-11-2023 Thursday

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

Time: 10:00 to 11:30 AM

HS-117 Human Value and Ethics

 New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

Time: 10:00 to 11:30 AM

ECC-213 Electromagnetic Field Theory (EEE)

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

CIC-311 Design &Analysis of Algorithm (CSE/IT/CST/ITE)

ECC-311 Data Communication and Networking (ECE)

ECC-313 Microprocessors & Microcontrollers (EE/EEE/ICE)

CEC-311 Traffic Engineering and Pavement Design (CE)

MEC-311 Heat  and Mass Transfer (ME/MAE)

Principles of Entrepreneurship Mindset (AIDS-311, AIML-311, IOT311)

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

Time: 12:30 to 02:00 PM

HS-113 Communication Skills

HS-115 Indian Constitution

New Scheme (for 2021 Batch onwards)

Time: 12:30 to 02:00 PM

HS-203 Indian Knowledge System (All Branches)

Critical Reasoning and Systems Thinking

(AIDS-213, AIML-213, IOT-213) Common to AI-ML, AI-DS and IIoT

Time: 2:30 to 04:00 PM

Universal Human Values – II

(AIDS-211, AIML-211, IOT-211) Common to AI-ML, AI-DS and IIoT




  1. The students should reach inside the allotted Examination Room / Hall atleast 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  2. Non-programmable Scientific Calculator is allowed. However, Books / any Written / Printed Material, Mobile Phone / Smart Watch / Digital Watch / other Electronic Gadget etc. are not permitted inside the Examination Room / Hall. If any candidate is found with any such material(s) he/she may be booked under unfair means case.
  3. Selected Reads (NUES) Common to AIDS215, AIML215 and IOT215) to be evaluated in Class presentation/ Seminar/Quizzes.